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Thursday , 9, July 2015 Leave a comment

While the life of a pastor always involves being with people, the last couples weeks have been particularly full of rich and wonderful times with friends in a variety of settings—meetings, meals, prayer sessions, and so on. Hearing stories, praying with folks, laughing, crying, and standing in awe of God together with our Church Family is the most amazing privilege in life…

One almost universal denominator in our conversations has been this comment: Craig and Tina, we know you two are so busy…

The truth is, Tina and I are way too busy. And so are you. So is virtually everyone in our far-too-busy world. Part of the Fall of humanity is being too busy! But Tina and I will NEVER be too busy to spend time with our FAMILY—with YOU!!!

One of the many ways Satan tries to discourage and scatter folks is to make them think their shepherd doesn’t care or is “too busy” to meet, talk, pray, or share a cup of coffee. Tina and I care; Tina and I genuinely enjoy Jesus-time with our family!

In our Life-Group based Church, there are (currently) 22 front-line pastors who are always there for folks to talk and pray with. In addition, one Life group may feel the call for a season to cry out for revival to sweep our Nation while another is busy greeting folks on Sunday mornings and another is focused on prayer outreach; that is the freedom Life groups have in terms of service and prayer; pastoral care and intercession.

Still, Life Groups are not meant to form a wall of separation between Tina and me and anyone in our church family. YOU are invited to call or text or write or drop by anytime you want or need. We love you and love spending time with you!!!

Craig and Tina Green [email protected] 931-823-6445

PS – We are looking forward to a Family night of prayer on Sunday August 2nd at 6 we are calling David’s Tent – A night in which we’ll simply circle up and enjoy the presence of the Lord in a time of intense worship and prayer as a church family…

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