Why First Church?

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As is hopefully obvious, Livingston First Church, which I pastor, has adopted new signage and a new logo, which simply says “First Church.” As with every decision made in the life of this church, many people were involved along the way as part of this four-month-long process, but as your Pastor, I am happy to take ultimate responsibility. (After 13 years, I certainly hope that you have come to trust me as a leader!) I love you, and I hope you are as excited about what Jesus is doing in our midst as I am!!

“First Church” is such a great name for who we are in Jesus. Look at the new logo. While retaining the basic shape of our United Methodist flame, the logo emphasizes the Blood of Jesus as the large red drop dramatically displays. The Flame of the Holy Spirit burns brightly as pictured in the orange flame. The design was developed especially for us by Nashville-based Clearly Media, a Christ-centered company that works with churches and ministries all over the U.S. They are a delight to work with, and I hope you agree that their design for us is especially anointed!

The new logo was developed as part of our new internet website. After 7 or 8 years, our old website was outdated, sluggish, and increasingly irrelevant. The team’s desire was to honor our past while moving forward in God’s vision for us. Visit your new website at www.livingstonfirstchurch.com and you will be blessed by all you can see and do there—including the Life Journal in electronic form, and a soon-coming pictorial directory!

“First Church” is rich in so many ways…
By simplifying the name, we emphasize the essential unity in the Body of Christ instead of denominational or brand differences. While we continue to gratefully be a United Methodist Congregation with an amazingly graced history, the Lord is calling us to be an instrument in bringing congregations and individuals together around a greater goal—to be exactly like the…FIRST CHURCH!

Historically, this really was the first church in Livingston, dating to the 1830’s. While that does not make us any better than any other congregation, it is a historical fact.
May the Lord use us now more than ever to bring congregations together!

The name simplifies internet searches and helps set the stage for the coming Revival by removing the barriers some might otherwise have to attending here.

The First Church was powerful in the Holy Spirit and deeply aware of the Blood-price paid for Her by the Lord Jesus. The First Church boldly cast out demons, healed the sick, and transformed the world. The First Church did all this with remarkable unity as the Spirit brought down the divisions between Gentiles and Jews, men and women, and slaves and non-slaves. The First Church walked in deep humility, aware that everything was by grace, through faith. The First Church was willing to suffer—even die—for the honor of serving Jesus faithfully and obediently in a hostile world. The world is again becoming violently hostile and only those congregations that become again like the First Church will survive the flak that is coming!

My prayer is that we become what our logo suggests. I am convinced it is God’s call for us. He is returning again soon for a Bride that loves like She did at First… that lives like She did at First… that leads like She did at First. We are… First Church!

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