When Faith Becomes Sight

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I am living in the wonderfully strange intersection of “I always knew it would happen!” and “I can’t believe it has finally happened!” For twelve years I have been guided by a faith that propelled me to preach about, research deeply, pray over intensely, earn a Doctorate around, and write and rewrite (and write and rewrite…!) about the concept of “Control.” Twelve years of faith has concluded–with a finished product I can hold and touch–the book Conquering the Game of Control.

Faith is such a powerful reality–risking to believe the impossible and ordering your actions based on something not yet visible.  Since early in the year 2000, I have had a deep faith that someday I would write–and someone else would publish–a book about control based on a revelational download from the Lord.  (Yes, both the concept for the book–though clearly present in Scripture–and the faith to believe it would finally be published were divine downloads from Jesus, the “Author and finisher” of my faith!)

“Reality” is a pretty powerful…ah…well…realty, too!  It is an amazing thing for me to hold in my hands a book that I actually wrote–with my name on the cover and my picture on the back!  And yet, I have to say, the experience was strangely underwhelming as I opened the first box and pulled out the first book.  Don’t get me wrong–I am so excited it is finished!  I am so grateful to God for His steadfast faithfulness!  Yet, because I have known for twelve years this would happen, the fulfillment came more as a deep “Amen!” rather than any sense of prideful accomplishment…

Some day soon, our faith will become sight as we see Jesus face-to-face.  While His return will be absolutely overwhelming for people of faith–His glory is infinitely greater than the glory of a completed book–it will be far more overwhelming to people who have refused His gift of faith!   While we who know Him will be forever marveled at the intersection of “I knew this day would come!” and “He is here!!!”, the reality and shock for those who had no faith (by their own choice!) will be far greater…and worse.  God-given faith prepares us and guides us to the only possible conclusion.  Lack of faith guarantees a pain-racked collision–at an intersection we will all see soon…!

(If you want to get hold of a copy of Conquering Control you can order it on this website, at CBD, Amazon, or at a Christian Bookstore near you.  In any case, get hold of this:  Jesus is coming soon!)

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