We Need A Miracle!

Thursday , 4, December 2014 Leave a comment

Are we crazy enough to believe in miracles?  Are we so solid in our faith that we expect God to do things beyond our wildest imaginations?  Are we willing to look foolish by calling for “impossible” things to happen—like supernatural healings, deliverance for the demonized, and financial provision from sources only God knows about?

How about Sunday?  Do you expect the Lord to heal broken bodies and set prisoners free during the worship service? I HOPE SO!  How about at Life Group?  Do you assume this very week that Abba Father will minister redemption and restoration to folks—maybe even you?!  YES, LORD!!

We had better (believe in Jesus-sized miracles)!  God has called us to a rather audacious place this year—to war in the heavenlies against three arch-demons of bondage—religianity, poverty, and addiction.  Had He not been with us leading us and protecting us, all hell would have broken loose…!  Instead, heaven is advancing and hell retreating—in fear of an awakened church…!

We had better believe in the miraculous!  Our Council has announced their faith in an Elijah-type miracle the size of Mount Carmel and with fire from heaven—that God (not human effort, not manipulation, not a stewardship campaign!) will provide resources to eliminate our debt—and propel us forward into His next plans for us—by the end of this year.  Further, we are believing that God will decisively break the spirit of poverty off of this congregation—one that has restrained and crippled us for generations.  WE HAD BEETER BELIEVE IN MRACLES BECAUSE THAT IS OUR ONLY HOPE—THAT GOD “WILL DO EXCEEDINGLY AND ABUNDANTLY MORE THAN WE ASK OR IMAGINE…!”

The Scripture I just quoted, Ephesians 3:20, was part of our Life Journal readings for today (12/4).  It concludes one of the most powerful prayers in all of scripture.  In the prayer, God through Paul is praying for His people to experience what the Puritans called the “manifest Presence” of God—an intimacy beyond theology, doctrine, and the Omni-presence of God.  God through Paul prays for us that the Spirit will strengthen us from the inside out…that Jesus will be at home in us…that we be filled with and even become the love of Christ… that we overflow with the fullness of God…!  The puritans called it the manifest presence, people today call it true revival, and it is time we call it…, First Church!

Make no mistake.  There is a power at work in us (Eph. 3:20) that, as it manifests, brings great glory to God.  It is the power of the miraculous, of the exceedingly and abundantly more, the same power that raised Jesus from the dead.  It cannot be explained, contained, or controlled.  First Church: that promise and power is our only hope!  Pray for wonders!  Expect the miraculous!  Cry out for God to do the above and beyond!  Come together prepared to see Heaven released and hell displaced.

After all, if you can believe in the miracle of God born in a manger, than all the rest of this is just small potatoes…!  We are Christmas people.  We are empty-tomb people.  We are expectant people.  Maybe we’re even a little crazy—because we are crazy about Jesus, knowing that HE STILL WORKS MIRACLES!

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