Wake Up!!!

Thursday , 5, November 2015 Leave a comment

I hate being woke up from a deep sleep. I also hate falling asleep as Tina is talking to me—especially if she realizes it! It is not that I think what she is saying is not important—it’s just late… and I’m tired… and we’re in bed, for goodness sake!

On Wednesday, most of the pastoral staff met with pastors from a variety of churches across the area at Life Church for a luncheon with Kamal Saleem, former member of the Muslim Brotherhood, sent to the U.S to conduct Jihad… Along the way, as Christians loved on him as he recuperated from a serious car accident, he met the real God (as opposed to allah/baal)–and experienced true salvation in the place of oppressive religiousness—and miraculous healing of his broken neck, hip and leg!

Kamal’s urgent call to us as the pastors of the Upper Cumberland area was, “WAKE UP!” That the American Church is drowsy, sleeping, not hearing the Word spoken to us—and often downright grumpy that we are being pushed into waking up—is obvious to most all of us. That things are rapidly changing is obvious. You know what else is obvious? Many if not most of us are tired of hearing gloom and doom messages and just want to roll over and hit the snooze button. We dare not!

Did you know a massive (seating close to 7000) mosque is about to be built in Cookeville? Do we understand that this will be a gateway—just as God has called this (and other churches) to be HIS Gate? Satan’s will be a gateway to bondage and hatred of women and deadly religion that leads only to hell. We MUST embrace God’s call and be a GATE of such powerful love and truth and freedom that the “gates of hell shall not prevail,” and in fact will crumble!!

So do we declare war on Muslim’s (even as they have declared war on us)? Not on individual Muslims, we don’t. LOVE, as was displayed to Kamal, is our most powerful weapon! But make no mistake—Satan, who is the “god” allah, is aggressively moving through a people deceived and controlled by the most violent form of religion the world has ever seen. Why would Satan build such a place and gather a deceived people here? It is because this geographic area—once so given over to religiousness—is beginning to move in real, Spirit-filled, apostolic Christianity. Besides, time is short and this battle will be fought all over the world with violence, persecution, and confusion (as the world shouts about “inclusion,” “tolerance,” and “coexistence…”) like we have never seen before.

We can’t sleep through this one. We can’t pretend that everyone plays by the same rules that Christians do (Muslim’s are actually taught that lying to a Jew or Christian to get them to convert is good and Godly…!). We can’t pretend that “we all serve the same God.” We do not serve the same God, regardless of what politicians or the media says, and burying our head in the sand is just another way of sleeping.

The truth is, we need to also wake up to all the non-Muslim lost sheep around us. One great reason the Church of Jesus Christ must awaken and come together in this hour (as we came together yesterday) is the fact that God counts all the missing and lost sheep while we (especially pastors) are fixated on counting the sheep within our separate folds. There are multitudes of non-Muslim’s in this area who need to be sought, rescued, and brought into a unified, cooperating (rather than competing) Church before things get any worse…

So, my beloved family, it is time to wake up. Wake up. Love your neighbor as yourself…Wake up, for our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed. The night is almost gone; the day of salvation will soon be here (Romans 13:9; 11-12). My Beloved, Wake Up…! God is speaking, and we must hear Him!

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