The Truth About Deception

Friday , 21, August 2015 Leave a comment

The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons. (I Timothy 4:1 NIV)

While reading in I John this morning, the Holy Spirit began to emphatically speak concerning the deceiving spirits that characterize our time. Here from Tina’s Life Journal are the words the Spirit was speaking…

The Truth is and will continue to be less and less important (to the world) and truth will be distorted as it comes closer to the end of times. “Deception,” although they won’t call it that, will rule and reign more and more.  The only way people will be able to stand—truly stand—during this time is by the fact that we have the Holy Spirit, the Word, and Accountability.      

To “have” the Holy Spirit is to be baptized (immersed) with Him!   This is so critically important: Every Christian must be baptized with the Holy Spirit! In the Scriptures, Holy Spirit Baptism is ALWAYS marked by an experience—it is an event, not an idea.   This isn’t some kind of theological debate—it is the absolute norm for ALL who are truly Christian. The Holy Spirit marks immersions in Him with gifts such as speaking in tongues, prophecy, visions, and so forth. RIGHT NOW as you read this, you know (by the Spirit!) whether or not you are Holy Spirit-Baptized. If you are not, ASK NOW in prayer for Father’s promise of the Spirit—for Jesus to lay HIS hands on you to receive that promise—and don’t stop asking and praying until you EXPERIENCE HIM!!

To “have” the Word is to have Jesus the Word activated and active in our lives through the Word of Scripture. Jesus wrote the WHOLE book—through a series of human writers Divinely inspired by the Holy Spirit. The Word is the Bread that proceeds from the mouth of God—the Manna that keeps us from starving, falling, and being deceived! We need to consume this Word EVERY DAY and in quantities that equal or exceed our physical meals!!! And we must “chew the Word” for ourselves, with the Spirit’s help, and not just consume the “pre-chewed” thoughts of others through devotionals. YOU need to read the Word daily, and in adult-sized portions, not by the thimble-full!

To “have” accountability is to be willingly and actively surrendered to our Great High Priest—Jesus through the ministry of His royal priesthood…!  We MUST be part of a small group of people—a Life Group—that holds us accountable to God and each other as we become vulnerable and transparent in accountability to each other. Answering accountability questions with and in front of other believers gives the Lord the opportunity to minister TRUTH to us—in a world full of deception!

It is not the time to make excuses. Deception will destroy multitudes of souls, leading some to abandon the faith and believe demonic lies. Human wisdom is incapable of recognizing or disarming spirits of deception! Our ONLY hope is to be dripping wet with the Spirit, bursting forth with the Word, and absolutely accountable to other believers…or we WILL end up deceived! Thanks be to God who has clearly and Biblically given us the way of TRUTH through His Spirit, His Word, and in Accountability!

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