The Lord’s Visitation

Friday , 16, January 2015 Leave a comment

I hope you are sensing what I am sensing—that this is far more than a new calendar year—it is in fact a new season for our church, county, and area!  Demonic strongholds are retreating, Godly excitement and expectation is growing, and a willingness to walk by faith is rising up among us.  God is both enlarging our vision and clarifying our vision in this Year of Vision!

Let me share with you a few of the exciting visions I have seen and heard so far in this new season…

  • We will see a large increase in the number of Life Groups this year and a large increase in the number of people attending them—not only will more of us who are part of the congregation find the right one and plug in, but also new neighbors and friends will join the congregation through Life Groups.


  • Life Groups will become a major “front door” to the congregation, as inviting people to Life Group becomes even more common than inviting people to Sunday Services.  Our Life Groups will become far more “evangelical” in their outlook, and the church will become more and more an army of people releasing heaven in homes all over the county all week long—rather than a building people go to on Sundays…


  • New Life Groups will begin on Sunday mornings as well as other times during the week, making attendance more easy than ever, and increasing the opportunities for more and more people to become leaders—pastors—of these new Life Groups.


  • Saturday Mornings will see the introduction of Healing Room Ministry to the community.  We will have trained leaders guiding as various Life Groups take turns as the prayer teams who will be available on Saturday mornings for a couple hours a week to pray with folks from the community for Divine healing.  We will make known to the community that anyone needing the healing touch of God is welcome to come for prayer.  Depending on the need we may have three or four teams praying with folks in various rooms throughout the facility.  As the word gets out that God is healing people, more and more will come.  Folks seeking prayer will simply call the church office and make an appointment, and more and more of us in the congregation will have the opportunity to see and feel the power of God at work—through our hands as we pray!


  • More of us in the congregation will discover the power of two-way journaling and begin to hear and see God on a much more frequent and powerful way.  In turn, faith and boldness will grow, as will prophetic insight.

All this speaks of revival and a move of God that is accelerating in our midst.  This is an exciting new season—one you dare not miss or sit out!  These are the days of Elijah; these are the days of Ezekiel; these are the days of David—these are the days of the Lord’s visitation…HERE!

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