The King Owns the Contents

Tuesday , 11, January 2011 1 Comment

I was deep in prayer last week concerning the book Conquering the Game of Control (and future writing projects) that this website was built to promote.  I discovered a couple weeks ago that if a person types in a phrase such as “church control freaks” or “church control issues” into a search engine, my website is at the top of the page.  As I was praying about the growing number of people who could find and use this website, and about the publication of the book, I felt the Lord speak to me with tremendous clarity.

You should understand that while I have been contacted by a major Christian publisher concerning publication of my book, no contracts have been signed.  I was asking the Lord to move in the situation, when I heard Him speak.  His message was simple.  Since He gave me the contents of this book, it really doesn’t belong to me.  Rather, it belongs to Him–the King–and to His Kingdom.  Further, I really don’t have the “right” to withhold what He has shown me, knowing that multitudes of Christians are dealing with (and being crushed by) control issues.  It was a powerful and humbling experience of giving up “ownership” and embracing the idea that I can share what God has shown me to whoever desires to see it without worrying about credit, finances, or recognition.   The King has and will take care of me, including the publishing details.  But I must be willing to share His stuff with sisters and brothers in the Kingdom of God, and now.

My blogs the past few months have “danced around” the core of the content of the book.  I have tried to generate interest, without “giving too much away.”  From now on, I plan on sharing the heart of the book.  I will share a condensed and orderly chapter-by-chapter form of the book in upcoming blogs.  I really do want fellow believers to have access to the information, because, more than ever, I am utterly convinced that the King owns the contents!

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  • Cher says:

    Thank you! I have come to realize that while I have been blaming my parents for their controlling way, I too am in serious affliction of CONTROL ISSUES. The only way for me to get through this, is to 1. acknowlege it 2. Give it to God 3. Become closer to Him and allow His words to be my controlling factor not ME. Your website has allowed me to understand where this “control” comes from and now its up to ME to allow God to change that. I understand that it will not happen overnight but I now have an understanding as to why this is an issue and will work diligently to read His Word and spend my time in prayer asking Him to help me. Again, thank you for your words and for allowing God to speak through you. Your sister in Christ, Cher

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