The FAITH of Godly Men

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The FAITH of Godly Men

More than once in Chapter 5 of Daniel, the Scripture says that Daniel had an “excellent spirit” within him. He had been called in by King Belshazzar to interpret the handwriting on the wall. As you recall, Belshazzar had foolishly exalted himself and had brought the golden vessels (cups) from God’s Temple to drink wine from while exalting pagan gods. The One True God was not amused…

Immediately, a finger appeared and wrote these four words on the wall in front of the king: MENE, MENE, TEKEL, and PARSIN. The enchanters and astrologers and the rest of the Chaldean “wise men” were brought in to interpret. Could they read the words? No doubt they could. The words translated are “Numbered, numbered, weighed, divided.” But none of them had an “excellent spirit” from God within them to do these two things:

1)   To interpret exactly what God meant by those words, and

2)   The courage to speak hard truth to a king who could have executed Daniel at any moment.

Daniel displayed two traits that God is calling us as Men to have:

1)   To walk in an excellent spirit that is so in tune with the Holy Spirit that we can hear the deeper thoughts of God, and

2)   To have the courage to speak the truth in love to those around us—even when it is difficult.

With this in mind, we are having a:

Men’s Advance on Saturday October 22nd from 8 am till 2pm at Don and Jackie Ragland’s house (115 Zion Hill Rd. Cookeville).

  • This is an Advance, rather than a retreat, because God is moving us forward, not backward!
  • ALL Men and their sons 12 and up are invited. Feel free to invite friends to come as well—this will be a day that will help define and empower us to truly be Men of God!
  • Boys from 12 and up are welcome, and we will have a special session for them separate from us Dad’s.
  • Dr. Harvey Brown will be our guest speaker—a nationally known teacher and a Man’s man who speaks clearly, powerfully, and hilariously to our common male issues.
  • Breakfast and Lunch are provided, and we chose this date because there are no good football games to watch that afternoon!
  • Don’s shooting range will be open, and Harvey, as an ex-military guy, is an arms expert. For those who don’t want to shoot, we will play some Frisbee golf and other fun stuff in the Ragland’s large yard.
  • The cost is $10.00 for individuals and for Dad’s with sons—our main goal is to get a commitment to come and be there from start to finish.

This will be an excellent day for God to make our spirits more excellent in His sight—and for us as the Men of this Church to recognize the excellent spirit within each other—and the Most Excellent Spirit—the Holy Spirit—at work in our lives individually and collectively!

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