Seize the Day!!!

Thursday , 24, September 2015 Leave a comment

Duane Graves reminded me yesterday of a visit he made to our house last January—on the 17th to be exact—on a very cold (and if I remember right, snowy) day. He came to share a prophetic word the Lord had given him concerning our church. The Scriptural reference for this prophetic word is 1 Kings 18—Elijah’s confrontation with Israel’s slide into paganism and worship of Baal on Mount Carmel

I took careful notes, which I dug out this morning. The very first thing he said was this: The Lord has made us a gatekeeper to the region. We allow things in and out…!The truth is, I didn’t know what to make of that word back in January. I guess my vision had not caught up yet with the Lord’s…!

Here are a few other parts of the word in bullet form:

  • We have sown seeds—God wants a 100-fold increase.
  • We are fooling ourselves if we think everyone will survive a move of God!
  • While the Enemy wants to discourage us from delivering the Word, the Lord wants us to rejoice in the delivery of the Word—that rejoicing protects the delivery of God’s Word. Rejoice in the Lord always; and again I say, “Rejoice!”
  • Reject paralyzing fear! (What the Lord did in paying off our debt we can point back to in order to have faith for a bigger move.)
  • Take Risks! It is only a risk to us—not to God! (The Enemy would have us focus on the risk; God would have us focus on Faith!)
  • How long will you waver? Elijah’s question to Israel, and God’s to us. The people of Mt. Carmel did not answer—they could have repented then, but instead “needed” to see the showdown between God and the prophets of Baal. Likewise, this congregation has “bumped up” against the same spiritual reality in the past, and likewise failed to answer. We MUST be willing to respond now!! WE CHOOSE YOU ALONE, ALMIGHTY GOD!!!
  • Don’t focus on the people who are offended/carnal; focus on those who really want to go forward…
  • God has issued us an invitation: We must Seize the Day!!!

It is breathtaking, isn’t it?! I could beat myself up for not remembering it and for not being more pro-active based on what God was saying in January—but I believe in GRACE even when dealing with myself…! The point is, we ALL know this now—and should be able to see how incredibly faithful our God is—how He calls us from multiple directions and in multiple ways in the same direction and to the same conclusions…!

So let me ask you this: Are you ready to SEIZE THE DAY? It has been nine months. God has been faithful even as we have been a bit fearful and paralyzed. The Lord is expecting a 100-fold increase! The Lord has called us to Risk (Faith) and has promised to bring people of Risk (Faith) here to join us. Do we trust Him? Wavering is not an option, and has cost us dearly in the past. Are we ready to Seize the Day?!

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