Saved Free, Stay Free!

Friday , 30, October 2015 Leave a comment

The Lord desires for you and me to have a life of joy and peace in Him—marked by Liberty and Freedom!

The Enemy wants us to have a life of grief and anxiety apart from Jesus—marked by religious effort (which always falls short and reinforces a sense of failure) and bondage…

I was talking to a pastor friend recently, who was sharing about having his tattoos redone, as much as possible. In his pre-Jesus days, he had chosen some very dark tattoos that were now an embarrassment. While he understood that he was a new creation in Christ, he continued to feel dirty…

Satan was trying to bring up places of guilt and shame to make him feel “less than,” unworthy, and dirty. While we were talking about grace and redemption in Christ, he suddenly shouted, “I want to take my shirt off!” (My initial reaction was to tell him to wait till he got home to his wife…!) But then I understood what he meant. FINALLY, he realized that Jesus loved him and was redeeming even the markings from his dark past—and that he didn’t need to be ashamed of himself any longer!!

I LOVE it when the liberty and freedom revelations grab out hearts!! But I so regret it when the things God has given us to help make and keep us free begin to feel like bondages and labors…

I long for everyone to read Scripture daily—to feed on the Manna from Heaven every day—so as to hear God speak in a unique, personal and individual way. Hearing Him is liberty! Hearing Him is freedom! Hearing Him is joy and peace!

However, the instant it seems like a labor or chore to read and HEAR the Word; when it has become a study rather than listening; the moment it seems that we are somehow failing or can’t hear because we are dirty from our past… or aren’t smart enough… or don’t read well enough… THOSE are the times Satan is trying to keep us from the place of joy, freedom, and peace.

I long for everyone to experience the unique presence of the Lord found in Life Groups. There is such a place of freedom and liberty in being transparent… But when involvement in Life Groups seems like a legalism, a burden, or a place where we feel judged, then the Enemy has managed to make a good gift from God seem like a constant reminder of how “bad” we are…

I long for all my Family (the Church) to get swept away in the Heart-song of daily and weekly Worship. Talk about liberty, freedom, joy and peace! But when thoughts of failure and feelings of frustration grow louder than the anthems, we find ourselves in a place the Enemy wants for us, rather than in the place Jesus longs for us to enjoy…!

Ultimately, Satan’s desire is to make us feel so unworthy and lousy that we just give up. ALL of us feel like dirty failures from time to time—we are in the midst of a battle, after all! But that is why it is so important to encourage and love on each other constantly. When the things that should delight us begin to feel like a burden we really need to hear again God’s heart—which is often heard loudest as we love and encourage one another. Nothing works better at shutting-up the lies of the Enemy!

Satan—shut-up and get out! The WORD says, Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty! Christ has come that we can have life—abundantly! Those He sets free are free indeed! I am a new creation in Christ Jesus! It is for freedom that He has set me free! In HIS Presence, there is fullness of JOY!!!  

I love you, and pray that the Lord will “restore to (all of us) the JOY of His salvation!!!”

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