Rise up, O Men of God!

Thursday , 3, September 2015 Leave a comment

Rise up, O men of God! The church for you doth wait,

her strength unequal to her task; rise up, and make her great!

Inspired by the movie The War Room, Tina and I have increased the time and the fervor of our Morning Prayer time. We are warring in prayer for our church family, warring for physical healings and spiritual breakthroughs…we are warring for YOU!

This morning (Thursday, September 3rd) the men of our church were the focus—by the Holy Spirit’s choosing. If you are male, you were prayed for by name this morning, with the words of the old Hymn above as the cry of God’s heart as He inspired our mouths to speak forth. We had no idea going into prayer this morning what the Lord was wanting or where He would lead us, but we had no doubt by the time we were finished praying! Rise up, O men of God!!!

Man of God: HE is calling you to arise! He is calling you to take up the mantle of a true Man of God. He is calling you to go to war for the life of THIS Church as that part of the greater Church to which He has called you! He is calling you to cast off the passivity, guilt, shame, and double-mindedness that perhaps has prevented you from warring in prayer and in deed for the Life of this church family. Rise up, O men of God!!!

Rise up, O men of God! The Lord of Livingston First is waiting for men to get off the fence and LEAD. God is calling His Men to rise up as the Spiritual Heads of their households and as the Spiritual Heads of this Congregation. RISE UP, MEN! War for what He is doing here! War in prayer for the lives of those around you. War in prayer for those who have drifted away. War in prayer for those caught up in the things of this world. War for men you know who have substituted religion, or money, or power, or pleasure seeking, or pornography, or any other lesser-thing for the glory of knowing Jesus in the power of the Holy Sprit!

War in prayer as a Gatekeeper and a Watchman on the wall. War in prayer as a Man of revival here at the Eastern Gate. War by serving in Emmaus again! Rise as a warrior again by praying for men and women at the Altar. War in prayer for me and for all the leaders in this church, and be elevated as a Leader by growing as a prayer warrior! War against the enemy, Satan, by Standing—dressed from head to toe in Jesus (Eph. 6) and STAND for the unique and amazing work God is doing at First Church!

You want your church to “do more for men?” Then rise up and do more as a Man of God in the life of your church! We can and must rise together to war against the enemy and to see the glory of the Lord rise through and over this Gateway Church!

Rise up, O men of God!!! 

MEN: Please resend this to all the men you have e-mail addresses for in this congregation. Together with Jesus, we will rise up—and prevail!

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