Prophetic Worship

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In our Life Journal reading this week, one of the things that jumped off the page at me concerned the importance of musical worship to King David—and ultimately to King Jesus.  In the 23rd chapter of First Chronicles we read that there were 4000 Levites assigned to musical worship.  Four thousand is a staggering number, and represents the fact that musical worship was an absolute priority.  Since the Church is built upon the model of David’s Tabernacle (Acts 15), it is obvious that worship with singing and instruments is and will forever be a priority in heaven-rooted and heaven-honoring worship.

What really hit me, however, was in the 25th chapter of First Chronicles.  Gifted and anointed worshiping musicians were set apart “for the ministry of prophesying, accompanied by harps, lyres, and cymbals” (vs 1).  Some prophesied under the King’s supervision (vs 2), some prophesied to give thanks and praise to the Lord (vs3), and some were called to exclusively and lavishly exalt God (vs 4).  In total there were 288 worship leaders who were set apart to lead worship with prophetic gifting and insight.  These were not just song leaders or talented harp players—the key word and term here is prophecy.  God raised up then—and is still lifting up—a number of worship leaders who literally hear from God and prophecy by the songs they choose to sing, the flow of the worship set, the prayers interspersed, the instruments used, and so forth—AS LED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT, the Spirit of Prophecy (Rev. 19:10)!

As King David understood, true Worship starts in heaven, flows prophetically first to those few who have been given ears to hear and then like a flood through all who are willingly led.  True worship flows back to heaven as part of the unending praise that flows from and around the throne of God.  True worship is supernatural in nature and in source, and is musical not only in the physical but more importantly in the spiritual realm.  True worship terrifies demons and reorders the spiritual realm around us.  True worship unleashes the forces of heaven on our behalf.  True worship speaks (sings!) healing, deliverance, and transformation over us and literally releases healing, deliverance, and transformation in the midst of those who will truly worship.

We enjoy true worship at First Church.  Amy is one of the “288” and is surrounded by an amazingly humble, Jesus-focused group of Levites.  With even a glimmer of openness, we can and will hear God speak and see God move in the midst of the musical worship.  For those who do not fully understand this, trust me, Amy, the Church leadership and especially the Word enough to gladly enter in.  For those who feel they cannot, understand that it is the Spirit of Prophecy—not the song selection—that is irritating your spirit.  The question you must ask yourself is, why?

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