Passover Obedience

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Passover Obedience

Tina’s excitement On Wednesday night was beautiful, amazing, and impossible for her to contain.  She is currently teaching grades K thru 8 on Wednesday nights—NOT because we have a shortage of teachers, but rather because she is preparing all the kids TOGETHER for the Churchwide Family Passover Seder we are having on Holy Thursday, March 29th, in the FLC at 6:00pm.  All adults and children are encouraged to attend!

We will resume the normal separation of children by age groups after the Seder.

The Wednesday Kindergarten through 8th grade group numbers close to 30, and is growing with new kids weekly, but Tina has that “Teacher’s anointing” to keep a large and diverse group on track.  It was the Holy Spirit, however, who took center stage Wednesday!

Tina shared that, “the story of Moses and the Burning Bush came alive to the children as He made it clear that He knew each of THEIR names and was calling THEM by name just as surely and supernaturally as He did Moses.”   The Presence of the Lord in the room kept the young men and women glued to the story—and to the reality that THEY are being called to a God-sized life!

It was one of those nights when teaching our children and youth is just an overwhelming joy.  (Honestly, as many of you know, it doesn’t always feel that way…!)  Our decision to combine the classes for a few weeks and teach them all together the glories of the Passover was made so that this Church-wide Passover Seder will have the kind of impact on our children we all hope it to have—a life-changing impact!

That Jesus is the “Lamb of God who takes away our sins” was beautifully and powerfully displayed at the Passover Seder He enjoyed—and suffered through—the night He was betrayed.  The Passover Seder in His day was a bit simpler than the modern one—because the redemptive pictures and story was so much a part of Jewish life then that they didn’t need as elaborate of pictures or explanations as were needed once Jerusalem and the Temple were destroyed.

Jesus and His disciples, as is made clear in the Gospel accounts, were totally obedient to the traditional sharing of the Seder meal and the retelling and representing of the Passover narrative.  Jesus, however, “changed the script,” as He explained how His Blood, His sacrifice, His love, His life and death and resurrection would forever fulfill what the ancient Passover could only fore-picture…

We, too, are called to be obedient to the NEW and everlasting Passover narrative as presented by Jesus—to celebrate it often, and to do so in the timelessness of His once-and-forever sacrifice.  Yes, we celebrate it every week as a Church Family in Communion; but the experience of the full Seder meal and liturgy is incredibly powerful.

So please rejoice with me and Tina over the way our kids are growing to “taste and see”—and hear and feel—the greatness of mercy of our God!

Plan also on making reservations to be part of the Church-wide Seder meal and Passover Celebration planned for 6:00 March 29th in the Family Life Center.  We will worship, remember, enter into, see the deeper picture, and celebrate a unique and meaning-rich meal together.  You really don’t want to miss it!

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