Offended by Obedience

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Offended by Obedience

I received an email this week from the Conference Committee on Resolutions.  It seems that the resolutions we have sent for the consideration of the Annual Conference may have caused some offense….

The committee voted to declare the resolutions unconstitutional and also voted their “non-concurrence,” meaning that they do not think the resolutions meet the requirements of the Annual Conference standing rules or legislative authority.  That means they voted “NO” 16 times concerning the 8 resolutions.

The resolutions will still be seen by the delegates, and there is still a possibility that some discussion will take place at the Annual Conference concerning them.  But it is doubtful that they will ever come up for a vote…  The committee listed its criteria for review.  Frankly, their basis for objection was a stretch, to say the least…

It seems slightly strange that all 8 resolutions, written in complete concurrence with the Word of God in Wesleyan language and in agreement with our current Book of Discipline could be ruled both non-concurrent and unconstitutional…

One can only speculate what may have happened if there were a series of resolutions prepared by the GLBTQ community and sponsored by almost any pastor but me and any church but Livingston…  I honestly doubt the committee would have found anything to object over…

Still, the point of writing and presenting these resolutions is being made.  They are irritating and offending those who desire to throw off the “shackles” of Biblical Orthodoxy.  They are causing people to think.  They are stirring up opposition.  They are clarifying the true division before us:  Apostolic, as in standing in the one true faith, or the diametrical opposite, Apostate, as in the abandonment of the true faith.

As for us and this House, we will choose the Lord and the faith handed down once and for all through the Apostles…!

Remember, Jesus said, Do you think I have come to bring peace to the earth?  No, I have come to divide people against each other!  (Luke 13:51)

The reality is that true unity, as in a purified, holy, and unblemished Bride can only come after there is a disunity…  There MUST be a shaking and a separating so that the True Church, the Bride, can arise and be separated from the religious, institutional Imposter.

I am not a bit surprised by what the Committee on Resolutions decided, and I count several of the members of the committee as friends.  Still, the motives of the heart were exposed in the committee and will hopefully be exposed in the 1000 or so souls at Annual Conference.  That is the real purpose for presenting these resolutions in the first place.

We are making a statement and taking a stand, knowing that this act of Obedience on our part WILL bring offense and irritation.  Ultimately, our prayer is that people will be faced with a clear choice—and choose Jesus!  Our heart is to see Obedience to the Word arise from the place of offense—as the division becomes more obvious and people are forced to choose whom they will serve.  May the overwhelming majority—even as they are provoked and offended—ultimately choose the faith that God has entrusted once for all time to His holy people (Jude 3b)!!!

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