Lucile Hyder and the Overflow

Thursday , 8, January 2015 Leave a comment

While I am tempted to write about the miraculous provision the Lord gave us this past week in the elimination of our debt, I want to go in a different direction in today’s blog.  While the miracle of His financial provision will accomplish much in us in terms of faith, trust, and unity, I want to first talk today about another miraculous provision of God:  Mrs. Lucile Hyder.

Lucile has been a trusted and beloved part of this congregation for many years—even when preachers tried to discourage her or run her (and her husband!) off because she (they) so openly walked in the power of the Holy Spirit.  Lucile stayed… and prayed… and prayed some more.  She welcomed others to join her in praying for a move of the Spirit, and they did.  She invited many to join her in the study of the Word—and they did.  Over the years, many hundreds have been discipled, encouraged, prayed for, delivered, set free, and empowered by the Spirit of the living God in the midst of her classes, articles, and prayer meetings.  From teenagers to senior citizens, Lucile has been and continues to be God’s instrument to communicate and instill His love, healing, grace and glory to men and women; boys and girls…!

What is Lucile’s secret?  She teaches, prays, guides, loves, and corrects from the overflow. Planted by her parents early and deeply in her life were the spiritual disciplines of prayer, worship, reading and hearing the Word of God, and mutual submission/accountability.  These disciplines have allowed her to overflow with God’s grace and anointing.  Jesus has changed countless lives through her because Lucile has always been so willing to spend time with Jesus—before, during, and after she ever opened her mouth to teach or picked up a pen to write.  Surely there were times she wondered if it was all worth it, but she fought through to the overflow…!

Being baptized with the Holy Spirit in the early 1960’s did not end her times of diligent searching—it (He!) only enhanced them.  While so many look for quick fixes and shortcuts to Spiritual maturity, Lucile has always hungered for more and more of God’s presence, righteousness, and truth!  The Lord has been honored and pleased by her pressing in to His promises, His presence, and His power.

You know what else?  Getting to the place where we overflow with God’s grace and truth is costly.  It has cost Lucile tens of thousands of hours of time that could have been spent doing something more common and acceptable—like watch T.V. or talking about the neighbors.  The truth is, Lucile has been mocked, rejected, laughed at and ignored.  For all the respect and love we feel toward her today, it is important to note that she has paid dearly in human terms for living a life rooted in the One who reigns far above all human terms…

So as we honor Mrs.  Lucile Hyder this week, I challenge you to consider what it has cost her.  I challenge you to accept the same spiritual disciplines she has modeled all these years.  I challenge you to start overflowing with the presence and power of Jesus.  There are plenty of folks who teach and preach and lead from an undertow, relying mainly on their human strength and wits.  There are far too few, however, who lead from the overflow.  That is Lucile’s secret.  It is costly, but real; it is risky, but powerful.  It is the place of anointing, though to human flesh, its plain annoying.  It will cost you your life—but God will use it to save many more…!  I challenge you to grow till you overflow.  I challenge you to grow until you overflow…! 

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