Last Day’s House Cleaning

Friday , 27, March 2015 Leave a comment

Please help me welcome our Bishop, Rev. Bill McAlilly and our District Superintendent, Rev. Max Mayo, to our church this Sunday.  Both are dear brothers in the Lord.

Bishop McAlilly will be sharing a word about Jesus’ triumphant entrance into Jerusalem on the first “Palm Sunday.”  Jerusalem was, of course, the Capitol City of Israel, and Jesus’ entrance into the city caused much uproar and even confusion…

It reminds me of something that happened to a friend of mine in our Capitol City, Washington D.C, last week.

Greg Rains, my Kentucky farmer friend and prophet, took his family to the Capitol.  While there, he took time to pray—on sight and with insight—as Rev. Terry Teykl would say.  Greg knelt down and prayed at the doorway of the Supreme Court building, and while praying, a group of college students walked up…  One student said loudly to the rest, “Oh my God, what is he doing?”  Another replied, “He is praying,” to which the first said, “someone should do something about that—it’s so racist.”  If you are like me, you may be trying to figure out what was “racist” about praying, but the real spirit behind the verbal assault soon became clear, as another student said “this court is going to equalize marriage in a month or two and allow two men to get married—so that we will finally be out of the dark ages.”

These college students may not have a clue what racism means, much less what marriage really is, but they represent loudly and clearly the confusion and deception that clouds our Capitol City, and indeed, a majority of Americans, if you believe the polls.  The confusion is spiritual, not political… Jerusalem in 33 A.D. was in much the same place—and Jesus went right to the heart of the darkness as soon as He entered the city.

The confusion was spiritual, not political…  So Jesus did not go to the Praetorium, Herod’s Palace, or the Antonia Fortress.   Instead, He went directly to the Church, the Temple, and began to drive out the things that had reduced the Dwelling Place of God on earth to a den of thieves.  (Again, this is a spiritual, not political, reference!)

Traditions, customs, and institutional thinking had reduced God’s Temple to a place of darkness—a place where people were actually in spiritual danger.  Jesus went in and cleaned House, much to the discomfort and even confusion of the multitudes who knew no better or different…  His love demanded darkness to leave, though most of the Temple attendee’s were oblivious to its presence—and others downright comfortable with them!

Welcome to the last days!  While it is at times confusing, Jesus is cleaning House in preparation for His final return.  There is a more dangerous darkness in much of the Church today than there is even within the halls of our government.  With time, many will understand what Jesus is doing now, even as many understood (as Jerusalem burned!) what Jesus was doing back in 33.  But I believe that God is calling us to be part of the remnant church that understands and welcomes His cleaning of His House here and now!  God is calling us to be a House of prayer—full of life and light.  Jesus’ demands that His Bride/Temple/Church be Thief-free!  We may not always like Him tossing our tables, but THANK GOD He loves us so much!!!

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