Jesus’ Love Changes the World

Friday , 25, August 2017 Leave a comment

Jesus’ Love Changes the World

Jesus didn’t come to earth to change a few things around, or to tidy a few things up, or to teach some really good stuff.  Jesus came to change the world—to take it back from the realm of hell—to unleash the glories of heaven upon all who would allow Him.

I trust the fact that Jesus has changed your world!  But in Him there is More!!!

Last January, Tina and I had the opportunity to spend four-and-a-half days with Dr. Bobby Cabot and about 30 other folks at an Encounter the God Who Heals event.   It was a powerful week, and a surprising one, as well.  Tina and I both learned and experienced much—more than we expected.  It was a delight to experience the Lord in fresh and healing ways!

Here are a few of the things we saw and experienced that week:

  • We witnessed the Lord Baptizing folks with the Holy Spirit.
  • We witnessed the Lord setting folks free from demonic strongholds.
  • We witnessed—and both experienced—the Lord bringing inner healing.
  • We gained fresh insights about healing ministry and inner healing ministry.
  • We had the joy of praying with folks the closing evening for a variety of healings—including salvation.
  • We discovered some great ways to help people relax and hear God.

It was a wonderful experience—and you can experience it yourself!

October 16-20, Dr. Cabot and her team will be at First Church leading this wonderful School.  We already have folks registered from Ohio and Florida, and I am praying we have a bunch of folks from our own church!

There is a cost involved in terms of dollars and in terms of time commitment.  Anything of great value is going to have a cost.  But the transformation this will bring in your life, and the transformation God will release through you in the lives of others—will change your world, and will change the world for many others!

The Encounter the God Who Heals event isn’t cheap and it isn’t easy—but it is life transforming—and it will change the very nature of life on our congregation and in our community.  I pray you can find a way to be part of it, and if not, I pray you will pray for the folks—from here and from around the nation—who will be part of it.

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