First Church of Control

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The letter to the Galatians is a virtual declaration of war (by the Lord through Paul) against the control freaks (see Gal. 2:4-5) who had crept in to the churches in the region of Galatia.   Nothing less than true salvation and freedom in Christ Jesus were at stake, and nothing less that the true gospel was acceptable.  Guided by the Lord, the early church fought valiantly against those who tried to gain control though the use of legalisms, rituals, and religiousness.

The churches in Galatia may have been among the first to deal with control issues, but they were surely not the last!  In fact, control issues are far and away the most common problem mentioned in surveys among modern American congregations.

Control freaks often:

  • Gravitate toward leadership positions, with their bent toward control considered a positive by those nominating them to be elders, deacons, or committee chairs.
  • are exalted as inovative and creative pastors and leaders, all the while stifling and starving the sheep they were sent to feed and protect.
  • are congratulated for their “spiritual gifts”, while operating in the power of control rather than in any true gift of the Holy Spirit.

The crazy thing is that we moderns have often designed church life to be control-bound.  Our very structures encourage control-ism.  Further, we in the American Church often declare war on each other with control as our weaponry, instead of declaring war on control-ism, recognizing it as the weapon of satan!  It is as if we have become the Galatians, bewitched and bothered, instead of learning from their situation!

It’s time we read the Letter again, slowly and soberly, with an eye on control-ism and the way it robs us of our liberty in Christ Jesus…

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