FAITH in the Word

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FAITH in the Word

Each time Jehudi finished reading three or four columns, the king took a knife and cut off the section of the scroll. He then threw it into the fire, section by section, until the whole scroll was burned up. Neither the king nor his attendants showed any signs of fear or repentance at what they heard.” (Jeremiah 36:23-24)

Breathtaking…! King Jehoiakim held the Word of God—in this case, the prophetic words of Jeremiah—in such contempt that he literally cut the Word up and threw the slashed scroll into the fireplace.

In contrast, Jehoiakim’s father, King Josiah, had so revered the Word that when he heard it read he tore his clothes in humble repentance before God.

A Godly King rends his garments. A Godless King rips up the Word…

What kind of “King” are we?

We certainly live in a culture—and in the American Church culture—where ripping sections of the Word out and throwing them into the fire is justified, encouraged, and even described as “peace and justice” work.

In just a generation, the spiritual fiber of the Church—and our nation—has been so sliced that increasing numbers of leaders—including church leaders (lacking any sign of (Holy) fear or repentance) find it easier to ignore and disdain the Word of God (Jesus Himself!) rather than tear the garments of human rebellion before Him and acknowledge that He is the same yesterday, today, and forever…!

As a local Church, we have been called to stand as an “Ebenezer” (a witness) to the Truth of the Word in the power of the Spirit even as the Apostate (false, renegade) church is rising in our midst and even within our denominational home.   As a local Church, we stand with Josiah; we bow acknowledging our rags of self-righteousness even as Father graciously clothes us in His Son’s righteous robes…!

Make no mistake, however; an ever-increasing number of people, thinking they are somehow doing the will of God, are ripping and burning and mocking and dismissing the Word, the Spirit, the Life and the Glory of Almighty God—smugly and arrogantly convinced of their “work” as they warm themselves by an ungodly fire…

Meanwhile, God has called us as a Church Family to stay in the Word—to HEAR God speak to us daily in reading TOGETHER the Word.   Is this some kind of law imposed so as to rob us of freedom? Some have perceived it so. But what if…

What if our Lord is trying to protect us from the fires of apostasy burning around us? What if the Lord wants us to so hide the Word in our hearts that NO ONE can cut away and burn up the truth buried inside of us? Can we believe and declare that God is calling us to rend our hearts, and not His Word?

Can we believe that Father wants us to hear His Son speak into our broken lives on a daily basis?!

God, through Jeremiah and the scribe Baruch rewrote the destroyed scroll—with even greater detail—so that we would have the Book of Jeremiah as an integral part of the Word of God. No apostate king could destroy what the King of Kings has written! May we give Him permission to write on our hearts daily!

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