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Our minds seem to be clear on this: we serve ONE God who is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The Father and Son and Spirit are One in love and focus and purpose and Being…

Our hearts seem to be a bit more muddled, however. So often, we seem to view Jesus very differently than we do the Father. I suppose it is because most of us are burdened with (very unnecessary!) guilt and shame, but we tend to view Jesus as our buddy, while the Father is always sort of ticked off at us…

It’s as if we create a “good God/bad God” split in our heart much like a television police show—with Jesus being the good cop who is on our side, while Father is the bad cop determined to point out our sin…

Our head knows that the only “bad cop” is the devil, who is constantly reminding us of our failings and who trumps up charges against us constantly. Yet our hearts seem to often place Father’s thoughts closer to the devils than to Jesus’ thoughts…!   Satan binds people by perpetuating this horrible misconception.

Our guilt and shame in being human make us almost schizophrenic in our view of God. Father is disappointed, angry, or hurt with us, while Jesus loves, us, this we know. The Spirit is more or less on Jesus’ side, but we can’t ever quite get over the fact that we are fallen sinners who “disappoint” Father on a regular basis.

WHAT A LIE! Father loves you! Guilt and shame are the tools of Satan to distort the truth and to keep us bound up. Papa in heaven is not disappointed in you—He is overwhelmed with love for you—a love that breaks the bondage of guilt and shame—if we will let Him!

Jesus made this very clear—He came to reveal the Father to us! To know Jesus is to know the Father. Father so loved the world (you and me!) that He gave Jesus…Receive Father’s love in the giving, even as you receive Jesus’ love in the coming!!!

In fact, as Jesus made clear in John 17:23, the Father loves you and me exactly like He loves Jesus—perfectly, unabashedly, completely, overwhelmingly, totally, radically, eternally! FATHER LOVES YOU!!!

So how do we earn this love? How do we deserve it? Of course we can’t earn it and will never deserve it on our own. But that is why Father in love sent Jesus to love us into redemption. Jesus paid the price for us to be in exactly the same relationship with Father and Spirit that we are in with Son—perfectly restored and declared righteous—sons and daughters and co-heirs and chosen; priests and lords and kings and rulers—all of it a gift from the Father through the Son and by the Spirit…!

There is no good God/bad God scenario—EVER! Only a good, good Father, Son, and Holy Spirit who is absolutely ONE in love and in love with us, despite all our many failings. Abba did not send His Son to condemn us, but to save us—so we could know the love of a perfect Abba—Papa—Father!

When we receive what Jesus came to reveal—the Father’s love—we discover the power to live free from debilitating guilt and shame—living instead in a place of victory!

Sickness and disappointment, our own failings and the failings of others, and the constant pressure of living in a fallen world ruled by a fallen devil can certainly make us feel defeated.

Father, however, declares something radically different. We are loved and declared righteous NOW as if perfection had already been restored…! In Jesus, it has been—and it was and is and has always been Father’s idea! Holy Spirit is releasing this truth into you now. RECEIVE it!!!

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