Exciting Ministry Events

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Exciting Ministry Events

I want to make sure you are aware of three very exciting events coming up right around the corner…

  1. CHARGE CONFERENCE – We are hosting the area-wide Charge Conference this Sunday Afternoon (Oct. 11th) starting at 4:00 with 17 other congregations in attendance!  We are responsible for worship leading and for snack foods for folks to enjoy.  A Ministry fair will be held in our Fellowship Hall, and we will be highlighting three areas of ministry that other congregations might be interested in implementing in their setting—Son Seeker’s Children’s Ministry, Life Groups Ministry, and the Healing Room Ministry.  EVERYONE is welcomed to attend, and Council Members should certainly be here…
  1. MEN’S FELLOWSHIP DAY – On Saturday October 24th (or Nov. 7th, if it is raining the 24th) we will meet at 8:00 a.m. at the Ragland’s (115 Zion Hill Rd., Rickman, Tn.) for breakfast, a devotional, and target shooting.  Bring a gun or two and some ammo (and some hearing protection…) We will meet again in November or early December using the same schedule, except we’ll skeet shoot that morning, and meet at Kelly Averitt’s house…
  1. DAY OF SERVICE – On Sunday November 29th we will gather for Worship and Communion at 10:00, and then join the teams we have signed up for to SERVE for the next few hours.  We will serve in a variety of settings, such as the White Christmas Store, at the Good Samaritan Center, in the homes of some of our Senior Citizens helping to set up Christmas Trees, and so forth.  Our Sunday Service that day will be… SERVICE!  We may well be out serving until mid or late afternoon—but will have finished the Thanksgiving season and started the Christmas season in the most powerful ways…!

Also, JOHN WEST and BOONE ELDRIDGE are leading a basketball camp beginning October 18th!  Check out the information below, and sign your kids up!

In addition to these special days and events, remember the weekly prayer time going on in the Sanctuary each Wednesday from 6:00 – 7:30, as we learn together to “Travail” in prayer, as well as all the Life Groups and classes that meet throughout the week!

I love you, and hope to serve the Lord with you—and pray with you—as much as possible!

–          Pastor Craig

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