Emmaus Eyesight

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It should come as no surprise to anyone associated with Livingston First that the Walk to Emmaus is a deeply treasured part of our communal life which has been used powerfully by God to transform countless lives.  Of course, the Walk to Emmaus is based on the experience of the two disciples who encountered Jesus resurrected while walking toward the village Emmaus three days after His crucifixion.  Their grief and preconceived notions had blinded them to what He had told them previously—and to what the Scriptures had foretold—so Jesus had to break through their hard hearts and restore to them Godly vision.  In this year of Vison, we are walking with Jesus and praying for similar results!

Grief, preconceived notions, anger, hurt, fear—all these things and more can blind even committed disciples to the things of God.  They sure had for Cleopas and the other disciple walking those seven miles from Jerusalem to Emmaus.  As you recall (or will read—Luke 24 is part of Saturday’s Life Journal readings), Jesus came up beside them and engaged them in conversation. For their part, the two disciples were clueless and blind.  They walked and talked until finally, exasperated with their blindness, Jesus opened the Scriptures to them from Genesis to Malachi.  Their hearts began to burn… yet they remained blind.  Something, however, was stirring in them, and they begged “the stranger” to stay and eat with them…

In this Year of Vison, we so badly need Jesus to fire up our hearts by showing Himself to us in the Word (after all, He IS the Word!).  As we listen day by day using the Life Journals, we will experience revelations and insights that will set our hearts ablaze!  As we walk with other disciples in Life Groups, we will hear Jesus speak to us and break the power of our confusions, hurts, fears, and doubts.  Life Groups and Life Journals are the walk which softens, warms, and ignite our hearts!

As you know—even with hearts warmed and minds informed—the disciple’s eyes were not opened until they shared Communion with Jesus.  While we share the Lord’s Supper weekly, we haven’t yet communed as a congregation with Jesus or each other on the level He desires.  When we do, our eyes will be opened, and we will—together—see Jesus more clearly than we have ever seen Jesus.  When that happens, the Year of Vision will become our Vision of Jesus—resurrected, glorious, and magnificent.  We’ll know just what to do, just where to go, just whom to tell.  We will see more clearly than ever why the Lord has invested so much in this congregation—why He has walked all these miles with us.  The Lord has a plan for us, and all that is needed is Vision—for our eyes to be opened in the breaking of the bread!

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