Don’t Stop Growing!

Sunday , 26, April 2015 Leave a comment

We have gone as far as we can go…

I often speak words such as these standing at the graveside near the closing of a funeral service as a reminder for those of us there that we have literally gone as far as we can—even as the one we loved has gone beautifully onward with the Lord.

I speak those words for those who remain trapped, as I am, in these “earthly tents,” as a word of comfort.  But it is amazing to share those words of truth over the life of someone who went as far with the Lord in this life as they could beforethey died and have now gone on with Him beyond the constraints of this earthly life!  In other words, it is powerful to both speak this as a word of comfort over those remaining, and as a Prophetic Conformation over the one who passed away, as in they went with Jesus as far as they could go in this life, and are now in Life Himself!

Several of us went to an inner-healing conference this weekend and most all of us—including me—experienced something amazing—inner healing…!  Just when I thought I had gone about as far as I could go, there was…MORE!  There is always more!  There is always room for more deliverance, more growth, more riches in Christ, more of the Spirit, more new wine, more inner healing, outer healing, transformation, reformation, conformation, and restoration.

And just in case this sounds like a “what can Jesus do for me” message, let me remind us all why we were called to be disciples.  There are so many people around us who need to hear our testimony.  There are so many hurting friends and neighbors who need to feel the Hands of Jesus upon them as we lay our hands on them.  We are surrounded by people who need us to pray for them, love them, cast out bedeviling spirits and in every other way present the Kingdom of God to them.  If not us, who?  If not now, when?  If not here, where?

HERE IS MY POINT.  Too many of us decide that We have gone as far as we can go a long, long time before we die.  We quit growing.  We quit evangelizing.  We quit loving and serving.  We forget what we got saved out of.  We quit getting healed.  We stay wounded on the inside.  We continue to hold on to warped images of God…of ourselves…of others.  We get offended and let offense rob us of our future.  It is a stinking shaming to have died to the things of growth and change and transformation and reformation and restoration and healing and hope and wholeness 30 or 40 years before we die.  Don’t do it.  DON’T DO IT!!!!!!!

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