Control Freaks in the Church

Tuesday , 24, August 2010 1 Comment

Why does it always seem to happen in a church community?  Control problems, that is.  What is it about human nature that so longs to be in control, and to control others?  Does God “control”, or does He rule and reign in a fundamentally different way?

These and similar questions have pervaded my thoughts for the past ten years, propelling me into long studies of Scripture, deep seasons of prayer, and finally toward the writing of an upcoming book, Conquering the Game of Control.  Control games in the Church wreck great havoc, such as:

  • Splitting congregations into competing factions.
  • Making a mockery of teachings on unity, humility, and submission.
  • Empowering more than a few pastors and other leaders to “shepherd” congregations in ways that destroy people and betray the Gospel.
  • Wounding countless former church-goers, scarring them permanently.

The truth?  Control issues are not limited to the church; they are deeply rooted in all of fallen humanity.  The truth?  God does not “control” at all, but rather reigns in perfect love, far above the tawdry games of control that emanate ultimately from Satan himself.  The truth?  Control is like an unwinable game that humans nevertheless play compulsively, carelessly, and craftily, always at another’s expense…

Join me in exploring the origins, nature, and dangers of control, and the hope we have in God to stop doing it altogether…

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  • Meredith says:

    Hi-Just wanting to know when the book will become available.

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