Chapter Two – Character Matters

Monday , 11, April 2011 1 Comment

Before Jesus, I was a drinking, drugging, lust-driven, selfish, narcissistic jerk.  I was also a faithful member of the church.  What happened to me was an experience of revelation that forever changed me.  I suddenly knew–I mean KNEW–that Jesus is God, Jesus is alive, and Jesus loves me. Churchianity gave way to real Christianity; religiosity to relationship.  My very character was changed. I became–and am still becoming–more like Jesus.

Control-ism is a profound character flaw, while giving up control is a profound experience of character-healing.  The reality of human character becoming more like the Lord’s is predicated upon the fact that God has a Character. He has a nature, a being–a way of living, relating, and thinking.  The wonderful truth is that He has a magnificent, astonishing, perfect Character, as revealed to us in Scripture and in Spirit-filled relationship.

Satan, too, has a character that has also been revealed to us in Scripture.  While the “fruit of the Spirit” manifests the character of Christ Jesus, the “works of the flesh” manifest the character of Satan.  Satan’s character is the total and absolute opposite of God’s character.  Everything the Father, Son and Holy Spirit is–Satan is not!

In Satan’s attempt to confuse his nature with God’s nature, he presents –in grotesque distortion–a pathetic faux-trinity of beast, anti-christ, and false prophet.  In contrast to God’s glorious authority, sovereignty, and power, Satan rules awkwardly and rudely through domination, manipulation, and intimidation.

Here is the problem: Until the Lord accomplishes a significant transformation in us (as we allow Him!), we are–by nature and character–more like Satan than like God!

Here is the Good News: In Jesus, our nature and character does change.  Please allow the decline and fall of Control-ism to be a major part of that change!

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  • Terra King says:

    Well put Dr. Green. 🙂 This is a daily struggle (and burden) for me…”control-ism”!!

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