Chapter One Continued…

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The desire to control–Domination, Manipulation, and Intimidation–is deeply rooted in all human beings as a result of the fall of humanity.  The circumstances surrounding the fall are recorded in the third chapter of Genesis.  In this passage of Scripture we glimpse the very nature and being of Satan, and the transfer of that (his) nature to humanity through humanity’s rebellion.

Satan’s desire to gain control over God’s highest creation–humanity–led him to utilize three techniques as deeply rooted in his own being as they are totally absent from the Godhead’s.


  • Intimidated Eve by appearing to her as a serpent.
  • Manipulated her with a deceptive question designed to create doubt about God’s loving purposes.
  • Dominated Eve by declaring–in direct confrontation to God’s Word and with a usurper’s authority–that she would not die, but would, in fact, be like God.

By intimidation, manipulation, and domination, Satan enticed Adam and Eve to exchange the dominion given to them as a reflection of the image of their Creator God for a reflection of Satan’s image–control.

Even as the Serpent controlled Eve and Adam to rebel, humans have ever since, by nature, done so to one another.  Only the power of redemption–through the promised Seed of the woman (Gen. 3:15)–gives us hope that human nature can be changed.

Two major problems arise with the manifestation of control.  First, control in and of itself is rebellion against God–and rebellion is compared to witchcraft in Scripture.  Playing god by behaving like the devil is certainly a succinct description of witchcraft!  Second, the use of manipulation, intimidation, and domination is a circular game with no end, no victory, and no value.  This game “takes no prisoners” yet deepens the prison of human depravity with each play.  Satan’s nature becomes evermore deeply rooted in us as we play his game.

To be continued…

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