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FAITH in Praise and Worship   Early Saturday morning, both Tina and I awoke with a song of worship on our lips… Tina awoke singing a great old hymn,             O God, our help in ages past,             Our hope for years to come   […]

The Real Love Heals Conference is scheduled for April 10th and 11thand promises to be the most powerful yet.  The importance of this Conference grows each year as an ever-larger portion of our culture—and the American Church—loses sight of the fact that the Real Love of God does far more than welcome people freely—it freely […]

Irony.  That’s the word that comes to mind when I think about Aaron and the Golden Calf incident found in Exodus 32.  I’ve often said that, People want an Aaron, but we need a Moses.  Aaron was pressured by the congregation Israel to give them what they wanted—a familiar style of worship.  (Golden Calf worship […]

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