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The Lord desires for you and me to have a life of joy and peace in Him—marked by Liberty and Freedom! The Enemy wants us to have a life of grief and anxiety apart from Jesus—marked by religious effort (which always falls short and reinforces a sense of failure) and bondage… I was talking to […]

What are you doing here? God asked Elijah that question not once but twice after Elijah had run to Mount Horeb. Elijah ran in fear of Jezebel’s wrath and in despair for the spiritual condition of Israel. God asked Elijah “what are you doing here” both before and after He displayed His glory through wind […]

It’s Thursday morning, time to write my Blog, and Easter Sunday is three days away…  I am sitting at a computer, musing about the resurrection power available to all of us because Jesus the Messiah rose from the dead… It reminds me of the difference between my 18-month-old granddaughter and my 85 year-old mother when […]

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