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FAITH in the Family I suppose I was swayed by the commercials, but I did it anyway. I had my DNA tested by Tina did so as well. The results came back just today… Not surprisingly, my ethnic background is about half German, and about half from the area of Great Brittan/Scotland/Ireland. But there […]

2016:  The Year of FAITH Welcome to the year of FAITH!  Let me say right off the bat that I think this will be an amazing year, yet one in which our congregational faith will be tested and refined…  As a result, we will walk in greater Faith—and greater victory—as we WALK by FAITH through […]

While the life of a pastor always involves being with people, the last couples weeks have been particularly full of rich and wonderful times with friends in a variety of settings—meetings, meals, prayer sessions, and so on. Hearing stories, praying with folks, laughing, crying, and standing in awe of God together with our Church Family […]

We had an incredibly interesting, heartfelt, and soul-searching conversation this week at staff meeting that I thought I would share with you… This is certain: God has led this congregation to seek the deeper things of the faith—to be a high-exposure, high-expectation congregation in keeping with both the Biblical church model and the early Methodist […]

I am writing this on Wednesday afternoon, and I can’t seem to get food off of my mind… Still, have you ever thought about the difference between fast-food and a Thanksgiving meal?  Fast food restaurants are everywhere—offering the same basic thing—a quick meal you can eat in-store or on the go.  It may be Mexican […]

Largely unencumbered by the buildings and many of the trappings, systems, traditions and financial concerns we have in place now, the early Methodists were able to impact the lives of countless souls in this nation as they fanned out preaching “Scriptural Holiness” everywhere they went to everyone who would listen and all who could hear.  […]

I have written a series of blogs of late that have been heavy with theology, vision and challenges.  I have done so under the leading of the Holy Spirit and love the fact that folks are talking and praying about them!  You honor me by reading my musings and I am so blessed to be […]

Our Life Journal readings on the 9th included the first two chapters of Nehemiah.  In them, Nehemiah cried out to God in a beautiful prayer, asking for God’s favor with King Artaxerxes concerning the enormous ministry God had put on Nehemiah’s heart.  The work involved the rebuilding of Jerusalem’s walls.  Nehemiah was the King’s cupbearer—seemingly […]

Q: Are We Leaving the United Methodist Church? To answer the question in a word, NO! It has been both amusing and dismaying to hear the chatter since we chose to change our logo as part of our Website redesign this spring.  After all these months, I have yet to hear a reasoned argument as […]

For sin will have no dominion over you, since you are not under law but under grace. (Romans 6:14) ESV. Under Grace.  As Christians we celebrate that we are no longer under the law but under grace.  As Christians we celebrate that grace is far more than “unmerited favor;” grace is the power of God […]