Biblical Control Freaks

Thursday , 27, October 2011 Leave a comment

The Bible details many instances of domination, manipulation, and intimidation being employed by one person or a group of people against others, with some of the most clear illustrations recorded in the books of Nehemiah and Job.

I spend a whole chapter in my book discussing Job’s three “friends”- you know, the ones who came to blame Job for everything.  I won’t go into the detail I do in the book here, but it is enough to say that each of these first three “friends”employed a form of control – domination, intimidation, or manipulation – in their diatribes against Job.  With friends like these…  (By the way, a fourth friend shows up later – one who doesn’t revert to control in addressing Job – but that is a picture for another blog.)

In Nehemiah, we again see a trio using intimidation, domination, and manipulation to try and get their way.  Sanballat, Tobiah, and Geshem the Arab conspired together -and separately – in an attempt to stop the rebuilding of Jerusalem’s wall.  Chapter six of Nehemiah is a case study of all three facets of control.  They (manipulation, domination, and intimidation) were utilized with demonic precision against the man of God, Nehemiah, without any success – which should give us great hope!

Nehemiah is a wonderful example of a believer being so mature in the Lord that control-ism looses its power.  Nehemiah did not submit to the trio’s efforts to control – nor did he lower himself by attempting and control others.  Instead, he led with Godly character, not satanic control

Again, that should give us great hope – and a great example to follow – as we grow up in Jesus!

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