A Thanksgiving Surprise

Monday , 29, November 2010 1 Comment

As has been our family custom for the past few years, we joined at the local YMCA to run in the “Turkey Trot” 5-K early last Thursday morning.  There was a stiff wind blowing, but otherwise it was typical November day in Tennessee…

I was running pretty well and feeling good–except for a nagging pain in my right knee.  At about the half-way mark, while thinking that I just had to “run through the pain” in my knee, the pain ran through me!  I heard or felt a “snap”, and my knee quit working.  Fortunately,  I was able to hop to the side of the road without falling.  Soon, the EMT folks had me safely back to our vehicle.

The last few days, needless to say, have been interesting, frustrating, and humbling.  I have had to rely on my precious wife and our almost-as-precious children for almost everything.  I have had to master the use of crutches.  I have felt the urge to “control” my circumstances many times, but you can’t manipulate, dominate, or intimidate your way out of a bum knee! 

What a person can do is pray.  I have received awesome and powerful prayer from my wife and from many brothers and sisters in our church family.  I have felt faith rise up in me as their prayers–and my own–have been spoken.  I’m glad to report that I am MUCH better.  God doesn’t “control” at all, but He sure does heal, comfort, and strengthen.  He also teaches us great lessons when we suddenly find ourselves unable to control!

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  • Jackie says:

    One of my sweetest lessons came as I found myself awash with tears on the floor of our beloved chapel several years ago. I felt as if my life was out of control. I cried out to our Lord that I was losing my mind, and His quiet reply was “It’s about time!” It was at this point that I realized fully the importance of giving Him control of my mind, and at that point He began a healing work in my mind, and in my emotions and my body as well. How I loved that day and the closeness I felt to Him as I left control to the Holy Spirit! From that point on, even if it required dozens of prayers a day, when I felt myself losing control again, I quietly prayed that HE control my emotions, my thoughts, and my actions. And surprisingly, when I gave Him control, I also gained control and a peace that passes all understanding. How good is our God!

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