A Porter’s Privilege

Thursday , 19, November 2015 Leave a comment

The King James Version uses the word “porter” in several passages to denote “gatekeeper”. The word porter brings some important clarifications as to what the Lord is calling this church to be in the Awakening that is before us…

A porter or gatekeeper is called to assist others to and through a gate or port. The word came to mean “one who will carry another’s burden” for good reason. Even in it’s most early and elementary form, the word has always been a verb as much as it is a noun. Porters are here to serve. Porters are here to help. Porters are here to assist. Porters carry burdens…!

The imagery is powerfully simple. God is calling us as a congregation to assist the burdened, the embittered, the battered, and the heavy-laden to find the entrance to relief, freedom, healing, and restoration. With so many profoundly burdened and bowed-down people all around us, it is no wonder the Lord is calling us to this humble privilege. With so many formerly burdened in our midst, we are well positioned to assist people to the place of great healing!

Of course, the truth is that all of us as fallen humans still carry a certain amount of baggage. But as those who are going on to perfection (maturity), the burden can and does become increasingly small as we spend time within the Gate Himself. Our goal should be to grow so unencumbered by the burdens of this world that we can grow to love perfectly…in this life!

A sad truth is that many people settle for a bit of relief when the Lord desires for us to have a radical transformation and truly feel the heavy burden lifted. None of us should settle for slightly better when Jesus came to give us an abundant life! Yes, only having to carry ten pieces of baggage after carrying eleven pieces for years may feel like a breakthrough, but is still miserable when God’s goal for us is to carry none…!

The saddest truth, however, comes from those segments of the church that purport to deal with baggage—by redefining baggage as “a good gift from God” or simply as a now acceptable expression of love. A porter carries another’s burden; a religious pretender dresses baggage up in pretty packages, leaving people impossibly burdened while pretending that they are somehow free. Worse yet, these pretenders, having never entered the True gate themselves, lead broken people to a false port offering cheap grace in the name of licentious love…

There has never been a greater need for true gatekeepers—true porters of God to assist people to the True Gate of God’s redeeming and healing love—a bondage breaking, burden-lifting port flooded by glorious light and flowing with genuine love. YOU are that porter; you are a Gatekeeper of the Living God! Rise up to serve, carry, assist, and lead!

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