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Offended by Obedience I received an email this week from the Conference Committee on Resolutions.  It seems that the resolutions we have sent for the consideration of the Annual Conference may have caused some offense…. The committee voted to declare the resolutions unconstitutional and also voted their “non-concurrence,” meaning that they do not think the […]

This final resolution might seem a bit ridiculous—that we would have to vote on whether we believe Scripture to be… Scripture, but the truth is, many in the UMC have decided to vote these passages out.  My heart in all of this has been to help people think through what they are buying into.  The […]

Resolved Obedience 6 Desperate to save the institution of the United Methodist Church, our Bishops coined a phrase #BetterTogether.  Evidently, the concern for a supposed unity is more important than Scriptural integrity.  How do I know that?  Because our Bishops have also publicly stated their support for a “solution” to the crisis at hand by […]

Resolute Obedience It is amazing what we blame on God…  When a tornado blows up, it is often called “an act of God.”  When people embrace and justify lifestyles that are clearly contradictory to Scripture, the explanatory phrase is usually, “but God made me this way.” Funny, but you don’t often hear that defense when […]

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