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Holy Obedience Eight Months.   Ten Plagues.  Why?  Because the journey to freedom for enslaved people starts with two heart-based decisions.  The decision to be made holy, and the decision to become and remain obedient.  Had Father just rushed through the Deliverance, His people would have never been able to grasp what deliverance costs or what […]

Obeying Heavenly Vision And so, King Agrippa, I obeyed that vision from heaven.  (Acts 26:19 NLT) As a congregation, the Lord is refining our vision and reminding us that we must be obedient to His vision.  It is not enough that we have a refined vison; it is imperative that we obey it and move […]

Antioch Obedience The Lord downloaded some profound truths about the Church in Antioch, Syria—the congregation that is so often mentioned in the Book of Acts.  That Antioch was central to God’s plan of releasing the Gospel to the nations is clear.  Yet Antioch’s importance is often missed as we talk about other First Church congregations […]

2018 – The Year of Obedience I have often preached on the Roman Centurion (Matthew 8:5-13) who came to Jesus pleading for the healing of his servant.  The man understood authority.  He knew that to be in authority, one must also be under authority.  In that place under the authority of his superior, the Centurion […]

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