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Elder Love We had an amazing time last weekend as a church family!  I have had many tell me that this past weekend was a breakthrough for our church—the dawning of a new season full of promise and potential that is truly exciting.  There is a palpable sense of unity and joy in our congregation […]

A Weekend of Love Today, tomorrow, and Sunday are important days in the life of our Church-and could eternally impact your life, and the life of your family! Biblical Eldership Gathering Friday evening from 6-8 and Saturday morning from 9-12, Rev. Dr. Scott Kelso from Columbus Ohio will be here to teach us about Biblical […]

Wilderness Love I two-way journaled a couple weeks ago, thanking the Lord for the amazing Church Council meeting we had on May 23 and asking Him to speak to me about the Wilderness series I am currently preaching on Sunday mornings. Two-way journaling is very simple—you write down your greeting and questions to the Lord, […]

Love in Action It is exciting to be part of this great church family!  Last Sunday was the most powerful experience of the Holy Spirit’s presence in a worship service that most of us have ever experienced.  In all truth, we experienced Pentecost, and on Pentecost Sunday of all things!! What is almost as exciting […]

School of Healing/Real Love Heals As we begin June, I want you to be aware of a life-changing week that will be here before we know it.  I’m talking about October 16th through October 22 – when we will host two amazing events as one… Starting Monday evening, October 16 and continuing through Friday evening, […]

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