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JOY in the Journey Last Sunday, Dr. Harvey Brown reminded us that we are on a journey, and we don’t get to choose our traveling partners. In Christ Jesus, however, we can choose to live in Joy while on the journey! Two of our Life Journal readings this week point out what joy in the […]

One of the most amazing demonstrations of the power of true Christian Joy—the joy that comes only from a deeply intimate walk with Joy Himself, Jesus, is found in Acts Chapter 16. As you recall, Paul and Silas were spreading the Gospel in gentile areas with much success—as well as great drama and trauma. They […]

FAITH in JOY! Last Sunday at Church, I was a weeping mess. Tears can flow for many reasons, and mine have certainly flowed in greater abundance the last few months… But ALWAYS for joy, rather than fear or grief or resignation. Sunday, I was overwhelmed by the presence of the Lord in our Worship Service […]

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