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FAITH in The Word It’s tax-free weekend in Tennessee! Woohoo! We get to buy things we need—and others things we really don’t—and save almost ten percent!! Not to cast guilt or shame on anyone who is in a shopping mood or who is planning to take advantage of the tax-free weekend, but Isaiah 55 (which […]

FAITH through the battle He trains my hands for battle… Ps 18:34 We were finally able to come home on Wednesday evening. After eight-and-a-half days in the Hospital at Vanderbilt, I was ready to be home! A couple of setbacks rose up along the way that delayed coming home a few days. But as you […]

FAITH in the Family I suppose I was swayed by the commercials, but I did it anyway. I had my DNA tested by Tina did so as well. The results came back just today… Not surprisingly, my ethnic background is about half German, and about half from the area of Great Brittan/Scotland/Ireland. But there […]

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