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What are you doing here? God asked Elijah that question not once but twice after Elijah had run to Mount Horeb. Elijah ran in fear of Jezebel’s wrath and in despair for the spiritual condition of Israel. God asked Elijah “what are you doing here” both before and after He displayed His glory through wind […]

Twice this week, I have received phone calls from strong, mature Christian friends who are experiencing the same struggle.  Both are currently attending mega-churches—one in Murfreesboro, the other in Mount Juliet.  At both, there are strong worship teams focused on genuine worship and very gifted preachers who preach the Word in the power of the […]

How did we get into this mess?  Have you ever asked yourself that question?  How could we have come to the place where being offended with someone or something is considered right and normal?  How could we have come to the place where millions are flooding OUT of churches, leading to the lowest percentage of […]

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