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  The Greek word for community is Koinonia and the concept of a new and true community is foundational to our faith.  The word Koinonia is found 20 times in the New Testament, and literally means fellowship, communion, and sharing in common.  In Acts 2:42, we read, “They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and […]

Is there anyone else around here suffering from an advanced case of Cabin Fever?  Are there others who are sick of ice, snow, and incredibly cold weather?  Are you dreaming, like I am, of spring?  Are you dreaming of something new and exciting? Are you praying and hoping for brighter light, longer days, more heat, […]

The Real Love Heals Conference is scheduled for April 10th and 11thand promises to be the most powerful yet.  The importance of this Conference grows each year as an ever-larger portion of our culture—and the American Church—loses sight of the fact that the Real Love of God does far more than welcome people freely—it freely […]

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