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I have written a series of blogs of late that have been heavy with theology, vision and challenges.  I have done so under the leading of the Holy Spirit and love the fact that folks are talking and praying about them!  You honor me by reading my musings and I am so blessed to be […]

The Spiritual Building Comes First! In my last several blogs, I have tried to openly share with everyone interested that: 1)      We are (of course!) a United Methodist congregation—one that by God’s grace is significantly like the vibrant Methodist Churches of a century or two ago—and thus powerfully relevant for today’s desperately devolving culture. 2)      […]

Our Life Journal readings on the 9th included the first two chapters of Nehemiah.  In them, Nehemiah cried out to God in a beautiful prayer, asking for God’s favor with King Artaxerxes concerning the enormous ministry God had put on Nehemiah’s heart.  The work involved the rebuilding of Jerusalem’s walls.  Nehemiah was the King’s cupbearer—seemingly […]

Q: Are We Leaving the United Methodist Church? To answer the question in a word, NO! It has been both amusing and dismaying to hear the chatter since we chose to change our logo as part of our Website redesign this spring.  After all these months, I have yet to hear a reasoned argument as […]

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