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Don Ragland shared an encouraging story with me this week.   Don will be teaching on the Holy Spirit at another United Methodist Church in our Annual Conference.  The pastor there related to Don how powerful the Real Love Heals Conference had been—not only to him personally but also to members of his congregation—and thus to […]

We received an incredible compliment recently from a visiting Tennessee-born missionary who was home briefly from Africa.  While back in the States to teach at a conference in Nashville, he was told about our church and decided to drive here and see if what he had heard was true.  He shared after his first visit […]

The Church in America and Europe is failing—and fast.  Over the past 100 years, 4,300 people have left the church daily in Europe and North America—and that rate is increasing rapidly.  Think of it—every day for over 100 years—over 36,500 days—4,300 people have left.  That adds up to well over 157 million fewer church members.  […]

I love the fact that our congregation is praying collectively and purposefully to see people set free from religiosity, spirits of poverty/materialism, and addictions/addictive personalities.  It is always an awesome privilege to pray and to see God move.  But make no mistake about it—there has been significant resistance from the enemy, as has been attested […]

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