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Twenty-eight years ago on August 3rd, Tina and I entered into a Covenant Marriage relationship with each other on an incredibly hot, windy Kansas day.  We were looking forward to a new life in Antioch (Nashville) Tennessee in a house we had just purchased; we looked forward to someday having some kids; we looked forward […]

Empty Nesters.  After almost 27 years of having children underfoot (or behind the wheel…), Tina and I are facing that great transition into an empty nest next month.  While we are crazy about our kids—and granddaughter—we are actually looking forward to this new season!  We are excited to watch our kids grow, blossom, and yes—even […]

One of the humbling and amazing facts about our congregation is the favor and influence the Lord has allowed us to have in and on the greater body of Christ.  While we are a large church by United Methodist standards, we are a fairly small one by national and world standards—yet God has given us […]

On July 4th, 1776, the founding fathers of this nation issued a declaration of independence that sent shock waves around the world.  Prior to ever issuing that declaration, however, they gathered together, counted the cost, and circled in prayer. Before they “raised their Ebenezer”—their banner and declaration that “when in the course of human events” […]

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