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Sunday’s at Livingston First Church are an unfailingly fresh experience of the Lord’s presence and goodness.  I am constantly amazed at the many ways He shows up and shows out.   I am convinced that part of it has to do with the fact that He is allowed to be in charge… As is often said, […]

Last Sunday marked the end of my 13th year as your Shepherd, and this Sunday begins our 14th year together.  It seems right, therefore, to take a quick look back at what the Lord has done and a quick look forward at what we believe is about to happen! Biblically, a Pastor’s job is to […]

This week, the sign in front of a local church read “The Church of Christ: still meeting since Pentecost.”  Well said and so true!  The Christian Church has tenaciously and victoriously met, grown, and spread for almost two thousand years now.  Even more exciting, the Church of Jesus the Christ at Her most beautiful and […]

Sunday is Pentecost Sunday (50 days after Easter/Passover), and in a rare melding of Calendars, it is Pentecost in both the Western and Eastern Church.  Over 2 Billion Christians—Roman Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant—will (should be!) be celebrating Pentecost this Sunday the 8th of June.  In addition, Jews celebrated Pentecost from Tuesday June 3 at sundown […]

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