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Monday, as I hope everyone knows, is Memorial Day.  This holiday originated during the Civil War as citizens remembered and honored those who had died serving the nation—both North and South.  While the heart and soul of the holiday is often overshadowed by marketing campaigns tied to the celebration of the beginning of summer, the […]

In our Life Journal reading this week, one of the things that jumped off the page at me concerned the importance of musical worship to King David—and ultimately to King Jesus.  In the 23rd chapter of First Chronicles we read that there were 4000 Levites assigned to musical worship.  Four thousand is a staggering number, […]

The Lord woke me up last night, gently reprimanding me for an attitude of the heart I had nurtured over the past few months. Several years ago I read in a book written by our former Bishop, Dick Wills, about an incident in the church he had served for years before being elected a Bishop. […]

God gave my good friend Don Ragland—and Don gave us—a powerful image that bears repeating as we begin our eight month commitment to daily prayer. This prayer is two-pronged. As a united congregation we are warring against Principalities of addictions, poverty, and religiosity—and battling for our friends and neighbors who are trapped in such bondage. […]

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