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Since Satan, by his very (fallen) personality is a control freak–a dominating, intimidating, manipulating monster–and since we are living in the last of the last days, it follows that control-ism is on the rise all around us.  As fallen humans, we naturally emulate Satan’s fallen control nature.  Apart from Jesus:  We act like the devil.  […]

In my last Blog, I introduced the idea that controlling others through domination, intimidation, or manipulation is like the game of Rock/Paper/Scissors—an ultimately unwinable game that we all play on each other insipiently.  That leads to the question:  Is God in Control?  Does God create, rule, and reign by controlling?  To cut to the heart […]

 Almost every person in every culture in the world knows a form of the game Rock/Paper/Scissors.  This harmless game has provided countless hours of entertainment, has been used to settle disputes, and is a great way to pass the time while waiting on a plane or traveling long distances by car.  The game pictures something […]

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