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Last week, I went into a studio in the Nashville area where they filmed a video for the book.  It was a pleasant experience, although I was a bit nervous, and I am excited to see the result.  I thought I would share the Script with you–it highlights well the overall theme of the book.  Here it is–two minutes in video time…

They say that the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.  For those of us who take the Scriptures seriously, the root to every problem is found in the lie, “You can be like God.” Admitting that we have a ‘god complex’ is the first step to recovery—recovery from control.

In Conquering the Game of Control, we look at the Control Nature inherent in all humans.  Control isn’t something we can tweak or fix or improve or ignore—Control is something we have to admit, reject, crucify, and conquer.

The Control nature looks like a sick and twisted trinity—the complete opposite of the perfect Triune nature of God.  God reigns. Satan controls.  Satan controls through domination, intimidation, and manipulation— the twisted trinity at his demonic core.  Unfortunately, his core became our core the moment Adam bit into his lie…

There is a game we all play that strangely pictures the reality of the Control Nature.  It’s the game Rock/Paper/Scissors.  Three pieces, two players, and one goal: to win.  The frustration comes from the fact that in this circular, trinitarian game, there are three “equals”, but no submission, no order, no respect, no humility—no love!

The Rock is a picture of domination. Scissors picture intimidation. Paper pictures manipulation. Some people are primarily dominators—powering through life like a rock through air.  Others are intimidators, who slice and sever with scissor-like sharpness.  Manipulators, meanwhile, cover and smother.  No one style always prevails; no one wins every game…but we all seem trapped in the playing…

Recovering begins when we admit we have a problem, and the problem of control is conquered only when we quit playing the game.  How?  By allowing the Real God to reign in our lives with all authority.  By “submitting ourselves one to another in the fear of God.”  By loving people more than we love controlling people.  By being transformed, from glory to glory, into the very image, character, and likeness of Christ Jesus….

You see, only the Cross can conquer rock, paper AND scissors…!

Conquering the Game of Control refocuses the Church on the real problem rooted deeply in all of us—allowing the Reign of God to replace the Game of Control…!

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