Dancing With The STAR!

Tuesday , 24, May 2011 2 Comments

To lose “control”–to quit behaving like the devil–we must take on the character and nature of God Himself.  While religious effort can never accomplish this, Divine Grace is intent on accomplishing this very thing in our lives!  The Almighty wants us to: think like, talk like, love like, heal like, care like, protect like, and even smell like–JESUS!

So what is at the heart of God?  What is the essence of His divine nature?  How can we glimpse or begin to understand the character within the Godhead?

The early Church Fathers–particularly the Cappadocian Fathers–understood that God is a perfect dancer.  Perfectly, eternally, and effortlessly, God dances–not a solo or a twosome, but a Threesome–yet so fully intertwined as to be inseparably One.  The early Church Fathers called this Divine Dance perichoresis (Divine Choreography).

Perichoresis–Divine choreography–means that:

  • Father, Son, and Holy Spirit enjoy the perfect choreography of perfect relationship.
  • The Triune God moves in flawless rhythm, faultless timing, and absolute coordination.
  • God is always perfectly in tune with and within Himself–Three yet perfectly One.

Our God Dances! He does so in such perfection that He is truly, eternally One. It was, it is, and will always be His greatest desire to dance the dance of perfect relationship with us humans–His highest and most treasured creation!  No wonder Zephaniah 3:17 describes the Lord our God dancing over us, His people, His beloved “Daughter of Zion”!

Adam and Eve witnessed the perichoresis. Prior to the fall, their lives were a continuous perichoresis with God and each other.  They lost it in the fall–and began to operate in selfish, unchoreographed, uncoordinated control. They were created to Dance with the STAR–God Himself–but threw it all away…

You and I are again invited, through the “second Adam,” to dance with God in Jesus–the “Bright and Morning Star”.  I pray none of us miss this “Dance With The STAR”!

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