Resolved Obedience 6

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Resolved Obedience 6

Desperate to save the institution of the United Methodist Church, our Bishops coined a phrase #BetterTogether.  Evidently, the concern for a supposed unity is more important than Scriptural integrity.  How do I know that?  Because our Bishops have also publicly stated their support for a “solution” to the crisis at hand by allowing every Annual Conference to decide whether they will ordain Homosexual Clergy and allow every pastor and local church to decide whether they will perform gay “marriages.”

Somehow, they think we can stay together by blowing completely apart…  Thus, this resolution…


Whereas, A currently popular catch-phrase within the United Methodist Church (#BetterTogether) captures a hope for unity between diverse peoples and theologies; and

Whereas, the intent of the phrase, while admirable, glosses over theological differences that are neither superficial nor matters of interpretation, but rather deal with the very Foundation of the Christian Faith; and

Whereas, true unity is impossible separated from Truth-unity; that any supposed togetherness that denies or dismisses the Tri-unity of the God Head as presented from Genesis to Revelation by God the Word Himself, Jesus, is ultimately and dangerously false; and

Whereas, “#BetterTogether” is premised on a sandy foundation unless it is built upon the Solid Rock of Jesus who calls us together in Himself and in what He has taught us; and

Whereas, there are at least fifty Scriptures breathed by Jesus addressing issues of sexual immorality, homosexuality, and male/female-only marriage that are unequivocally clear in calling the Church to be together in righteousness, not political correctness;

Therefore, be it resolved, that the Tennessee Annual Conference gladly affirms that we are BetterTogether—but only when we are together in, by, and through Jesus; and

Further, be it resolved, thatwe recognize that to deny Jesus as God the Word or to ignore what Jesus defines as sin—or righteousness—is inherently NOT together and NOT better; and

Finally, be it resolved, that the Tennessee Annual Conference affirms the authority of the Word of God to define and boundary what is truth and freedom apart from what brings bondage, so we are together better on the Rock of Jesus!

Submitted by: Rev. Dr. Craig Green and First United Methodist Church, Livingston

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