Resolute Obedience

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Resolute Obedience

It is amazing what we blame on God…  When a tornado blows up, it is often called “an act of God.”  When people embrace and justify lifestyles that are clearly contradictory to Scripture, the explanatory phrase is usually, “but God made me this way.”

Funny, but you don’t often hear that defense when the crime is murder, or child pornography, or armed robbery.  Even the most liberal church folks seem to realize that God did not make a serial killer “that way.”  But when it comes to sexual expression, crediting God for behaviors He clearly has placed off limits is all the rage.  Hence, this resolution…



Whereas, a common phrase in the culture, “God made me this way” is Scripturally incorrect and is often used to define and defend behavior and thought patterns that are clearly not from God and do not reflect God’s character and nature; and

Whereas, Scripture makes clear that the Fall, not God, is to blame for the groaning that all of creation makes while awaiting the restoration to perfection coming at the end of the age; and

Whereas, the Fall away from God was not God’s idea or action, but rather the willful rebellion of Adam that differentiates original sin from God’s original righteousness; and

Whereas, Scripture teaches, and United Methodism affirms that all humanity is born in sin (fallen) and therefore stands in need of a Savior, Jesus by Name; and

Whereas, fallen behaviors and thought patterns clearly do not reflect the Glory of God, since God came in the Person of Jesus to rescue humanity from fallenness; and

Whereas, fallen behavior has been defined in Scripture to be anything that does not reflect the Person of Jesus, the second Adam, including but not limited to abuse, hate, theft, dishonesty, sexual behavior outside of monogamous female/male marriage, and alcohol and drug abuse;

Therefore, be it resolved, that the Tennessee Annual Conference recognize and celebrate the God who comes to rescue and rebirth the fallen and calls us to a transformed life that reflects in mirror likeness (2 Corinthians 3:16-18) the Glory of the Christ as opposed to the sullied existence fallen humanity inherited from Adam and Eve; and

Further, be it resolved, that the Tennessee Annual Conference encourages United Methodists everywhere to proclaim that “the Fall made me this way, but God is remaking me in God’s Way!”

Submitted by: Rev. Dr. Craig Green and First United Methodist Church, Livingston



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